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Hadiya Walter, The Loc Darling, is a Los Angeles native with a bit of east-coast charm...
After graduating Howard University's School of Business, Hadiya made Washington D.C. her new home, away from home.   It was there she began her own natural hair journey that would eventually lead to a passion for the unique expression of locs.   

In 2011, Hadiya began her own loc journey with Salih Watts at Loc Lov Salon, LLC.  Her client status transitioned to that of staff in a few short years.  Soon after becoming a mother, Hadiya returned home to Los Angeles to fill what she believed to be a tremendous void in the natural hair and loc community.   

In 2019, The Loc Darling invited Loc Lov to partner on a location in Los Angeles.  This space not only serves as a salon dedicated to healthy hair care, through the maintenance and style of locs and loose natural hair, but a cultural center and meeting place for the community.  She is committed to providing exceptional service to the natural hair community which she feels is often overlooked and under-valued.  Because representation matters, The Loc Darling is on a mission to diversify the culture, aesthetic, and representation of locs in mainstream media and film.
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