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This is Dedication

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

'This the remedy, the separation... Blue pill in the fuckin' matrix, red rose in the gray pavement...'

I love this song for speaking directly to the duality of my own life... the enormous pain of isolation juxtapose the incredible beauty, and powerful potential of owning what makes me different. We not the same... and that's okay!

This is a dedication to Naybahood Nip. His loss hit me incredibly hard as I realized we were actually the same; 'The Remedy' for a lost generation. The act of locing one's hair is an inexplicit journey that many take. My own loc journey found me back in my old naybahood to set up shop. Yes, I'm from South Central, Hyde Park, R40s Naybahhood...! AND I studied at Howard University's school of Business- (If you know,) You Know!! I like to consider myself well-rounded.

In both spaces, I always felt a separation. I never wanted to fit in, but that never erased the struggles of being different. 'I spent my whole life thinkin' out the box...' 'Know [s]he a genius [s]he just can't claim it...' My loc journey helped me realize my passion and purpose. Like Nipsey and his music, we must create more spaces for ourselves and others to claim our own genius. Only from these spaces can we inspire and love each other more effectively. As 'The Remedy,' I will lead by example; and produce art riddled with self-discovery, self-love and liberation. This IS opportunity meets preparation. It's Dedication.

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